Mastering Tax Dynamics

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Taxe Services

Having a reliable Taxes company supporting the back of your business is a must for your success. Failing to file for taxes on time may result in legal liability and financial penalties against the company. If your company operates in different countries, things become even more challenging and complex, and complying with local corporate tax laws will require smart decisions to ensure the sustainability and growth of your business. Moreover, tax laws and regulations are frequently updated, so keeping a close eye on these updates is necessary to avoid any potential violations that may threaten the whole business.

As a highly experienced taxes company, Maktaby can guide you through all phases of your tax filing and compliance, including tax planning, tax preparation, and tax audit representation. Our team helps you understand the latest tax laws and regulations, and work on identifying any tax savings opportunities that may be lying on the table for you.

Unfortunately, many small business owners are in over their heads in the business activities of the company and leave filing for taxes to the last minute, or they rush to hire unqualified professionals to handle the job without knowing that this approach may harm the continuity of the business; and it may Cost an arm and a leg to fix if something goes wrong.

Maktaby offers a wide range of taxes services for all types and sizes of companies – whether they are small businesses or big corporates. Our tax consultants work proactively on one-to-one relation to provide the most efficient taxation solutions for each company. We work hand-in-hand with you on:

  • Registering the company with the local tax authorities.
  • Planning and filing your taxes on time.
  • Providing legal advice and resolving Tax disputes.
  • Offering international tax advisory services.
  • Providing due diligence to reduce tax liability, ensuring that all parties are aware of all of their tax obligations.
  • Handling payroll taxes.
  • value-added tax, customs duties, and sales tax.
In addition to the aforementioned taxes, Maktaby works with businesses and individuals on filing for income tax. Income tax is imposed on all businesses and individuals in Egypt. The income tax rate is 22.5 for businesses, while for individuals, the rate is progressive according to the level of income.

Do not look further than Maktaby for your taxes services, Maktaby’s tax consultants are certified public accountants with many years of experience in Egyptian tax law, so be confident that they will give you sound advice and valuable tax consultation that add significant value to your business. For more information, contact us!